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C-Level Experience and Expertise on an Interim or Project Basis

Executive Freedom Partners offers their clients freedom from the stress of a C-Level vacancy, from the challenges of transitioning a business to new ownership, and from "the Grind" experienced by many family business executives.  Our consulting services provide clients with the C-Level experience and expertise of seasoned executives who have faced and overcome the challenges our clients are facing. Contact us via phone or email to learn more.

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Discover The Freedom We Provide

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Interim or Project Engagements

With many years of C-Level experience, we have the expertise to keep your business thriving whether during a C-Level vacancy or a mission-critical project. At Executive Freedom Partners, we possess the insights, skills and first-hand experiences to guide your business. We’re proud to support your CEO, CFO, or COO needs and even improve your business during these times that can otherwise be very challenging.


Pre- and Post-Transaction Diligence and Integration

Our years of experience in the trenches on both the buyer and seller side of transactions give us unique insights.  We understand the needs of both parties from a first-person perspective.  We tailor our services to maximize the success of transactions.  We know how to navigate the inherent challenges because we have navigated them ourselves and now guide buyers and sellers through the same challenges.


Improve Efficiency, Professionalism and Transaction Readiness

We leverage our C-Level experience to free family business executives from "the Grind".  That is the struggle to get past the daily "fires" and find time for important and strategic work.  Improving the efficiency of and professionalizing clients' businesses removes the daily "fires" from their plates and frees them to work on their businesses to reduce their stress and increase the value of their businesses.

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